MSES department trains professionals for the following qualifications:

specialty 051 "ECONOMY" educational program "ECONOMIC CIBERNETICS" Forms of studying: full, part-time and second education.

There is a significant growth in demand for professionals with MSc degree in economic cybernetics in recent years. The main seekers for masters are the Academy of State Tax Administration, Institute of economic forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences, Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian Finance and Economics Institute of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine and others.

A specialist can apply for following positions:

2441.2 Economist
2441.2 Economist of IT Centre
2131.2 Database administrator
2131.2 System Administrator
2131.2 Computer systems analyst
2131.2 Analyst of computer data bank

A graduate can also perform the following job on positions without work experience requirements:

1. Analysis and prediction of the dynamics of economic systems
2. Development of control systems of various economic processes
3. Analysis and risk management in insurance
4. Analysis of the dynamics of the financial condition of insurance companies
5. Design, creation and administration of corporate information systems (CIS)
6. Analysis of the electronic market and development of virtual enterprises
7. Construction and analysis of economic and mathematical models of real economic processes and management of economic entities in terms of destabilizing factors
8. Financial management of a company’s operating and investing activities, setting the strategy and tactics of financial entities